Monday, June 30, 2008


Updates from Seoul!

Greetings from Project: Real Sunshine.

This year we have nearly 20 participants actively promoting and researching issues for the North Korean human rights cause. Our Project: Real Sunshine team will be spending three weeks in South Korea from June 22th to July 14th raising awareness in the streets of Seoul and researching "Korean Public Sentiment" on the issue of NK Human Rights and "Refugee Resettlement Experiences".

While many of you may be familiar with our "Drop Dead" initiative from Project: Sunshine 2006, this year we have taken a decidedly more inviting approach with our new "FREEZE" initiatives. Our participants have been distributing fliers throughout Seoul and inviting the public to learn more about our program and the issue we are working hard to promote. The "FREEZE" - incorporated with the arrow initiatives used in Project: Sunshine 2006 - has been receiving positive feedback from the public and we hope to find even more success in the weeks to come.

Enjoy the videos and photos (below) from our awareness initiatives and please check back for more updates! (Note: subscribe to our RSS feed for update notices).

Also check out our Daum blog for more pictures and updates in Korean! [link]

A video example of one awareness initiative we held in Gangnam Station.

Photos from various arrow and freeze initiatives held thus far:

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