Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bittersweet goodbyes

As we sang the last song "Temporary like me" with Miss Vintage I know much of the LiNK staff were feeling like emo kids crying to their favorite band as we said goodbye to our dear friends from Miss Vintage and Andy Grammer.  It had felt like we had known them for much longer than one month that we considered each other more like family.  The bands went above and beyond as they used their gifts and talents to speak out about the human rights violations in North Korea.  I think that everyone on the tour was changed from the beginning to the end as we ended up learning so much from students.
As we reflect on all the cities we have stopped by we just want to give a big thank you to all the contacts that let us (sometimes 12 of us!) crash on your floor, bed, and couch!  Thanks for all the people who were behind the scenes making this tour happen like Eddo and John from Spiralnote, Liam and Andy Grammer, Bryan, Colin, Joe, and Jason from Miss Vintage.  You guys were a huge reason that this tour was a success and we cant wait to connect again in the future!

We were inspired by the energy on the West Coast.  Thanks to all the contacts that put the UCLA, Berkeley, and UC Irvine shows together.  The clubs were well prepared, promoted very well for the event, and were always eager to help in any way.  They were some of our best shows and we had a great response from the students with the photo campaign!  
Well we now need some time to debrief and gather our thoughts on the last month as we move forward with work in the office and of course more traveling in the near future.  Thanks for keeping posted! Until next time...

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